What’s Your Size? A Standardized African Size Chart

How to achieve a perfect body size.


Wouldn’t it have been amazing if women had perfect body sizes like the boutiques and designers make you believe? Unfortunately, the reality of things is that no single woman has a perfect body size.

Flipping through the pages of exotic magazines some years ago was almost a suicide mission for women on the plus side of the chart. Seeing those sexy bikini-clad playboy chics and models from major world fashion weeks on display like in an auction dinner sent shivers down the spine of regular ladies who wished to exude their fashion passion in vintage outfits. Well, they could, but at the time thick was far from sexy.

Presently, thick ladies have stepped up their game in every wise…fashion, style, and confidence. In my opinion, the cutest outfits still come in small sizes but with fashion designers everywhere, getting uniquely made fashion items is not much of a hassle…your money speaks for you though.

Here in Nigeria, while slim-fit girls bask in their status as “front seat eye candies”, they have begun to experience body changes that roll out a new variant of slim. We have the slim girls with big tummies, the ones with big arms (those we refer to as Christian mother hand), the ones who have disproportional hips, the ones with broad shoulders, etc.

These variants do not fall into label sizes of 6, 8, and 10 (Mini sizes). We may probably achieve a 7, 9, and 11 with these new versions. Does this spell the need for a revised version of international measurement charts? Certainly not! https://www.instagram.com/rukiscollection/

One hard truth women in this part of the world have failed to accept is the fact that African women do not share the same body type with the rest of the world. Let’s share an example, a few days ago I was stuck on my TV watching different programs on a South African channel. I couldn’t spot a traditional South African woman who didn’t carry a truckload behind her. With those massive behinds, one can hardly escape making custom clothing. This is the direct opposite of a slender European woman; the one with the “perfect” size 8.

With so many fashion designers across the continent, it would not be a bad idea if Africa has its own standardized size chart given the obvious size differences.

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 Away from the size, one way to achieve a perfect body size is by having the right attitude and a measure of CONFIDENCE. Yes, you heard it right.

What does confidence have to do with your dress size you may ask. It actually has a lot of links. If we have established that there are no perfect body sizes then why do we try so hard to fit into that size 10 dress we saw through the glass door. Why do we miss valuable breath in the name of tummy-tucking? It is simply because we have lost the self-esteem we once had. It is good to live healthy lives by incorporating exercise and healthy eating habits. After religiously imbibing those habits, set yourself free and walk into any gathering with confidence enough to make you fly.



By: Eruke Ojuederie.








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